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Nexoo Service Station


Brand Union created in 2016 a visual identity and guidelines for Nexoo, a new service station brand. Then, from those guidelines, m+P developed a construction and stylebook, taking the design from paper to buildable reality. 

The stylebook is a complete guide to built any Nexoo Service Station, with different layouts and all the necessary details.

In this process we worked hand in hand with suppliers such as: Tecnoseñal, Electrolux, LAC consultores de estructuras, Aureolighting, Sacma and Noa Madera Creativa.

M+P Architects has designed, implemented and constructed nexoo retrofits in Guadalajara, Dos Hermanas, Vallecas, Gijón.

store car petrol.png


The stylebook shows three sizes of Service station with different pump positions. 


estacion de servicio eco.png

Construction details

The stylebook contain dimensions, materials and all details needed to build a Nexoo Service Station.

petrol station car.png


The stylebook include modular dimensions so that the Service station doesn't it's lose hierarchy.