Concept design - 

M+P arquitectos can create an architectural experience from its very beginning, from the creation of its concept working closely with the client to be able to fulfill its expectations.

Sketches and drawings should be able to explain the conceptual value of the architectural project, but also create a certain aesthetic feel to the design response that will fit the clients needs.


Schematic design - 

Following on the trail of the initial concept, be it a concept developed by M+P, or by others, schematic design will turn the first ideas into a more physically feasible reality.

M+P will also at these stage start to elaborate ( if necessary ) the first cost estimations of the future project, working closely with the client to be able to create a project that fulfills the budgetary necessities of the client as well as a high standard of design quality. 


Detail design - 

Based on the experience of both founding partners, M+P can elaborate, draw and develop all the necessary building details to accomplish a high degree of quality in the construction of the project.

Working closely with the contractors, and other parties involved in the construction process, M+P will supervise and elaborate all the necessary documentation for the proper implementation of the design, acting as a control agent to make sure the essence of the project is never lost in the construction process. 

Because these days budget have become more relevant than ever, M+P will also supervise construction costs to make sure they stay within the reach of the clients budget, transforming and adjusting the project, when needed, to fit the budget without loosing all of its impact. 

Site supervision and implementation control - 

M+P can take control of the full implementation process taking care of all the coordination required for the construction of the project, particularly in Spain, and collaborating closely with local teams elsewhere to make sure the clients requirements are always accomplished.

As site supervisors, M+P will oversee the contractor's work, as well as the local architecture team's work to make sure construction remains within the constraints of budget, time frame and architectural quality. 

Project management - 

M+P can also take care of the coordination of all different parties intervening in a given project such as an interior designer, a lighting designer or a landscape designer, working with them to make sure their projects stay within the main frame of the client's project and needs.